Monday, August 25, 2008

a couple things

i've decided to create landmark events each month to help to ease the stress of school and to pass the time. life is so much more enjoyable when you can anticipate exciting events. christmas ceases to thrill me anymore so i have to make do. so heres what i have so far:

Aug 28: I'm rich $$$$

Sept 9: Jenny Lew's new album, Acid Tongue. woot woot.

Sept 25: Austin City Limits....maybe???

November some random thursday: Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.

December 1: Apply to BFA, blow the minds of the art faculty

December after the 25th: Everyone comes home! New apt!

I need something for October. Help me fill my happiness schedule.

I'm in a cabaret mood. I've been listening to the Chicago soundtrack along with the Dresden Dolls today while packing, silenty imagining myself on a green lit stage complete with bob/fishnets/sequins/taps.

i need to pack.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i can fix my own damn car...or at least change the oil

i have arrived. i am now a woman. i don't know if this event was supposed to coincide with the first day of my cycle but no objections here. i like nicely tied up pairings. anyway, i learned something today. something i should have learned approximately 3 years ago when i bought my car but still. i learned it nonetheless, with the help of my friend and teacher nathaniel ray pickett ( a gentleman and a scholar for those of you not in the know). and that thing, ya know THAT THING that i learned...yeah i changed my oil for the first time

now this photo...this photo was captioned "why women can't fix cars" prefaced by detailed instructions for "men" for changing their oil, followed by instructions for women that read "pull up to a juffy lube, wait 15 min, write a check for 21.00".really? really? screw you bastards.

Monday, August 11, 2008

plast skog

So I was on my way home from SLC, with a rain cloud face that not even pancakes could assuage, when I stopped at Ikea. Maybe it was the bright yellow sign. In my right mind, it would have reminded me of the Wal-Mart smiley face and propelled seven shades of nausea to do their little dance around my entrails. Not today, I guess. I usually get overwhelmed in large warehouse stores (and boutiques in their own right) but this little gem kept me occupied with glee throughout the hike in the plastic forest: Elk shaped pasta.